Single-click Checkouts

Securely accept Bitcoin payments

Ready to use Payment UI

You can easily integrate our payment UI into your web frontend using our code snippet in your HTML. It will include everything your customer needs to complete a payment. It works with an iframe within a modal pop-up. It includes all the related payment information. Payment UI connects to our server to listen for payment confirmation in real-time and it redirects customer to your success page after payment is confirmed. You can configure a default Success URL from account settings, or configure a custom URL for each payment.

Single-click Checkouts

For a better customer experience, you can provide single-click checkouts in your payment flow.

  1. Customer clicks on Pay with Bitcoin button

  2. Makes the payment within their wallet

QR Code Payments

This is useful when a customer wants to purchase something on a website they visited on their laptop, but they want to user their mobile wallet to make the payment. They simply scan the QR code on the laptop screen and confirm the payment with their mobile wallet application.

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