Enhanced server-to-server notification from webhooks

Webhooks provide simple server-to-server communication. When your customers make payments, your web backend is notified about the payment details, so that you can proceed with your customer's order. With each payment event, we make a https request to your configured webhook url.


Webhook URL

To configure a webhook endpoint go to Dashboard > Settings > Developer Settings Enter your web application endpoint that you want to listen notification messages from Phenixio servers. Example: Default Webhook URL: https://yourwebsite.com/phenixio-event/


To prevent malicious requests reaching to the webhook endpoint on your web application, you can configure an Access-Key on your backend. Then enter your Access-Key on Dashboard > Settings > Developer Settings. Now our webhook requests to your server will include a PHENIXIO-WEBHOOK-KEY header.

Now you can learn more about Payment Event Tokens in the next section.

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