1% per transaction

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Our payments platform lets you accept Bitcoin payments around the world. Create your account online for free. No upfront charges. No on-chain fees. No withdrawal fees*. No base fees.

Zero Miner Fee

Since we operate on Layer-2 Bitcoin, you don't pay a miner fee for each of your transaction. This opens up for new business models, based on utilizing Micropayments, i.e. transactions less than $1.

Zero Base fee

Our fee structure is simple 1 percent. You only pay relative to the amount you are receiving. Unlike other digital payments solution, our service has no base-fee or no fixed minimum-fee.

We take 1% commission per successful transaction

For example, you have a product on your website selling for $1.00. Your customer decides to buy your product and pay with Bitcoin since it is much more convenient than any alternative method. Your customer makes a 1 worth Bitcoin payment. We take $0.01 [1% x $1.00] commission for the payment.

Zero Withdrawal Fees*

When your account balance is forwarded to your privately held wallet (look at Payments Flow) an on-chain transaction is broadcasted to Bitcoin network. Normally a miner-fee occurs at this step, but if you enable Automated Withdrawals, we will cover your on-chain transaction fee expenses

No Hidden Cost

We understand the importance of cost visibility for your business. We eliminate all the unknown variables related to the payment flow and reduce it into a single number. You always know how much your next payment will cost. It is 1% without surprises.

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