How Phenixio Works

Managed Layer-2 Bitcoin Infrastructure

You Don't Need One More Addition to Your Tech-Stack

Maintained Liquidity with Smart-Contracts

Operating on Layer-2 requires an active monitoring and management of payment channels. These channels are essentially smart-contracts ensuring that you have inbound/outbound liquidity on the Network. Without having an active liquidity it is not possible to accept or send payments.

Phenixio manages liquidity for you, so that you can always receive payments.

Payments Flow

On-chain Bitcoin transactions have high relative cost for micropayments. We prevent you paying high miner fees. Your Phenixio account works like a bucket you collect your micropayments for temprorarily. We then forward your Bitcoins to your privately held wallet in batches. If you integrate your Hardware Wallet with Phenixio Account, you can also enable Automated Withdrawals

Simplified Complexity with Phenixio API

Phenixio creates an abstraction layer for Bitcoin/LN tech stack, so that you don't have to go through protocol level complexity. Your IT team can quickly integrate our API into your applications. Check our Interactive API Reference section. You can start using real-time Bitcoin payments without specific know-how, in a matter of minutes.

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