Use Cases

Bitcoin fixes many industries

Here is some use cases applicable today, where Phenixio revolutionizes digital payments flow with its Bitcoin-native payments platform. Bitcoin is pure digital information, you can send anyone, anywhere, just like how you would send a picture. This internet-native currency will supercharge innovation and help entrepreneuers build new business models in the future that are hard to imagine today.

End of the Subscription Era

While there are some genuine businesses that subscription model makes sense for them, many of the businesses today use subscription model by necessity. Because micropayments or pay-per-use payments are expensive and not feasible for a business.

Phenixio changes this. Our micropayments allow for businesses to adopt Pay-Per-Use business models.

Gaming Industry

In-app purchases are stuck with centralized monopolies. Bitcoin fixes this. Game Studios and Mobile App Developers will love our platform. It will save them enormous fee expenses.

Live Streamers

Streamers all around the world, monetize their live-streams or get small tips their their audience. Bitcoin is the most natural way. We are developing specific products addressing streamers. We will announce soon.

Digital Content

Content is the commodity of our age. Phenixio provides a better, more natural customer checkout experience for digital content.

API Marketplaces

API producers will be able to monetize their services on pay-per-use basis. Currently they have to use API marketplaces. Current options are like opening a shop in a mall, and visitors can only make purchase if they have a payment card specific to the mall.


Once the tech reaches the mainstream adoption, we will increasingly see eCommerce platforms accepting only Bitcoin payments, since the other methods will quickly become inefficient and obsolete in the realm of connected digital world.

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